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Allen Bloodrush Hybrid Blade 100Gr Broadhead 3Pack

Allen Bloodrush Hybrid Blade 100Gr Broadhead 3Pack

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The BloodRush™ Hybrid Blade has a devastating cutting tip and ferrule for deep penetration. The twisted ferrule design promotes larger blood trails. Hyper-trauma blood ports increase hemorrhaging and speed up blood loss. A rubber O-ring holds the blades closed for field tip like flight. BloodRush™ broadheads are unique from other broadheads in two radical ways. First, the ferrule of this revolutionary broadhead is machined with aircraft-grade aluminum using a 26°-degree twist. This twist dynamic is effective at multiplying soft tissue displacement when either moving forward, or rearward, through the internal cavity of big game animals. Secondly, by taking advantage of ferrules integrated ‘blood ports’ to accelerate the process of blood loss (hemorrhage) is being multiplied and enhanced as the blood fluid is displaced across a larger surface area. This combination of both ferrule twists and port suction creates a scientific phenomenon similar to a whirlpool or fluid vortex. Finally, there is a broadhead that was designed from the ground up-to make animals hemorrhage faster than conventional broadhead designs – BloodRush™.

Product Features

  • Twisted Ferrule
  • Made of Durable Aluminum
  • Machined with Aircraft Grade Aluminum Using a 26-degree Twist
  • Integral Ferrule ‘Blood Ports’ the Process of Blood Loss

allen 14779 bloodrush hybrid blade broadhead 100 steel

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