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AMP Core Tactical Helmet TAN

AMP Core Tactical Helmet TAN

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AMP Core Tactical BJ type helmet. These modular helmets can be customized with a wide array of rail attached accessories, add-on Velcro panels, helmet covers, and various mounts for night vision devices or your Go-Pro Camera to capture all your action!

The adjustable strap system ensures proper retention at multiple points while maintaining maximum comfort. The extra wide ear cut ensures your hearing will not be obstructed and at the same time offers adequate space to comfortably wear your favorite communications headset.

This helmet is equipped with a rotary adjustment dial in the rear to ensure a perfect fit.

All these features combined with a XL Size to fit most U.S. head sizes make this NEW Tactical BJ Helmet by AMP perfect for high-speed loadouts and all airsoft players looking for premium airsoft protective head gear.

** Not for Ballistic Protection**

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