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Anti-Cutting Gloves Stainless Steel Wire

Anti-Cutting Gloves Stainless Steel Wire

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Features: 1 Made of high strength stainless steel wire and high strength polyethylene material by fine process with the characteristics of strong, durable, tear-resistant and wear-resistent, has long life. 2 This glove is effectively against a variety of knives, glass and other incisive knife and metal objects with incisive edges and corners cut, draw gloves. 3 This glove can reduce the harm by incisive materials such as dagger, triangular scraper, glass, stone, etc. 4 It is very comfortable and dexterity to wear and grip, flexible operation, neither too hard, nor sliding. 5 It can to avoid most of hand accidental injury for your family at kitchen cuts, oyster shucking, meat cutting, butter mandolin, vegetables slicing, fruits peeling, wood carving, carpentry and garden working. 5 It’s very durable, soft to wear, and washable. Easy to sanitize and keep clean, it is hand and machine washable and can be sanitized as kitchen dishwashing towel.

Specifications: Material:Stainless steel wire,high strength polyethylene Features:Durability,Comfortable,Cut Resistant Color:Black Type:Safety cut proof protection gloves Function:Cut-resistant,stab-resistant,anti-knife.anti-scratch Protection Grade:Grade 5 Fits for:Outdoor sports and works,machine manufacturing,glass delivering,knife using Wear resistance coefficient:Grade 2 Coefficient of tear resistance:Grade 4 Length:24cm Palmar width:11cm Threaded mouth:9cm

Package included: 1 pair of cut-resistant gloves

Product type: Safety Gloves

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