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Authentic Original WWII Japanese TYPE 98 KATANA

Authentic Original WWII Japanese TYPE 98 KATANA

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We don't show this one at our showroom without appointment, serious buyer only

This is an original Japanese army officer’s sword in Shin Gunto mountings from World War 2. 

The blade and the fittings are in Near MINT condition. 

It is a healthy sword and has a blade length of 26.25 inches (67cm). 

The hada is a tight and visible itame

The hamon is a straight suguha hamon that is present the length of the blade ending in a maru boshi. 

The tang is signed Yoshimitsu

It is dated Showa Jyu Hachi Nen Shichi Gatsu, or July 1943. 

There is a Na acceptance stamp on the tang. 

Yoshimitsu was a member of the well-known Seki school that made many war era swords.

The mountings are Type 98 Shin Gunto and in Near MINT condition. 

The tsuka is silk-cord wrapped with cherry blossom menuki. 

The wrapping is tight and there is little to no fraying. 

There is a blue/brown company officers tassel attached to the tsuka. 

The tsuba is the classic WW2 design with four accompanying metal seppas. 

The saya (scabbard) is green painted metal. 

It shows one very small dent and very few areas of missing finish, displaying roughly 98-99% original finish. 

There is a locking mechanism present. 

The blade is in Near MINT condition. 

There are no nicks, a few scattered small spots of rust, and some small scattered scratches. 

There are no major flaws like hagire.

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