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Cold Steel Pistol Grip Forged Cane, CF Shaft, 88SCFAP

Cold Steel Pistol Grip Forged Cane, CF Shaft, 88SCFAP

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Blade Length: 25 3/4"
Overall Length: 37 5/8"
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel
Weight: 26.9 oz in scabbard
Weight: 16..3 oz. sword only
Head: 6160 Aluminum
Shaft: Carbon Fiber


We are proud to announce the re-release of the Cold Steel classic pistol grip cane! Now with a finely crafted solid Aluminum head, the pistol grip cane is far lighter, better balanced and easier to carry and use than ever before!

This elegant cane is similar in appearance to our Pistol GripCity Stick and comes with a removable 6160 Aluminum head so that it can engraved and personalized if you so desire. It features a fiberglass carbon fiber composite shaft that’s virtually unbreakable.

The blade has a tapered square cross section with a wicked sharp point.

  • Model: CS88SCFAP*
  • Manufactured by: Cold Steel
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