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Exterminator Metal 2.5'' Revolver

Exterminator Metal 2.5'' Revolver

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Say hello to the 357. This revolver has the heavy feel users know and love, with the signature Barra precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a weathered finish, the 357 brings a level of experience and wisdom to your side.  

  • The 357 has a smooth, double-action CO2 power and authentic 6-shot cylinder. It performs like a beast and has an adjustable rear fiber optic sight to improve your accuracy. You can even attach a scope, laser, flashlight, or whatever you’d like to the Picatinny rails. Make it yours!  
  • The 357 offers balanced full-metal construction and polymer grip that looks and shoots like the real deal. 
  • The 357 has the look, feel, and performance that you’ll love, at the range or in your backyard. It comes in gunmetal, chrome, and aged finishes so you can choose the style you like the most. Now get shooting. 
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