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18Plus Airsoft & Knife



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Thanks to extremely compact shape typical of BF Extrema Ratio models, the extraction of the knife from the pocket becomes easier and it prevents the tool from entangling, a crucial detail in case of emergency. The blade has a flat grinding which allows symmetrical cutting jobs symmetrical with wider support.
On the other hand the tip which is thick and durable thanks to the “tanto” version, allows a greater penetration and a more clean and precise cut.The aluminum handle, has the typical "Tactical" structure, already used in the past on the BF models. It has got a pattern of concentric circles giving the handle an additional grip. This structure enables the rinsing of the handle from salt, or organic material, very important considering its primary use in the naval environment. In the central part of the handle its placed a small slot to allow to lock or unlock small wrenches. In the right part of the handle, in correspondence of the liner lock, a steel plate is placed to give a more solid structure to the slot.

The BF2 V comes with just one stone washed finishing and these accessories:
- Reversible clip applicable on both right or left side of handle.
- Screw regulation system with 12 positions to control the closing and opening of the blade.
- Marlin sparkle on the tang of the handle with a length of 70mm to untie knots in ropes or thick cords. In opened position it is fixed by a steel mechanism easy to activate and placed inside the handle in order to feel it while handling the knife.

It comes with a plastic lanyard with a fix to be fix to the belt, with a joint to allow the different placements and with a quick release simply pushing of the clip button. The length and flexibility of the lanyard allows to work with the tool in the maximum operating area what a shorter lanyard would not allow.

Specifications:Weight: 140g
Blade Length: 65mm
Total Length: 190mm
Main Blade Thickness: 3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (58HRC)
Handle Material: Anticorodal Anodized Aluminum
Blade Serration: No
Main Grinding: Flat
Blade Finishing: Stone Washed
Product Code(s): 135BF2V
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