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18Plus Airsoft & Knife

Extrema Ratio KH

Extrema Ratio KH

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A classic and for good reason. The “kukri”, a Nepalese tool made famous by the Gurkha regiment on Her Majesty’s Service is also derived from the ancient Greek swords – it is simply a machete with a forward cut. The forward cutting blade allows it to work like an ax while maintaining the versatility of the long blade.
This series was developed based on a fusion of modern and antique concepts.

The grindings are differentiated: near the handle the blade is razor sharp, this grinding allows it to achieve a fine sharp angle without intruding excessively on the thickness of the dorsal material which has to remain solid. The grinding on the tip of the blade is flat and well angled to easily penetrate wood and vegetation.The use of hard steel is another characteristic peculiar to this knife. This type of tool is generally made of a soft steel in order to make them more elastic and easier to whet, while we have obtained a tool which is sufficiently elastic and of a sharpness that not only lasts longer but is more resistant.


Weight: 650g
Blade Length: 315mm
Total Length: 495mm
Main Blade Thickness: 6.3mm
Blade Material: Bohler Steel N690 (54HRC)
Handle Material: Forprene
Blade Serration: No
Main Grinding: Razor and Flat
Blade Finishing: Burnishing MIL-C-13924
Product Code(s): 170KH

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