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Gear Stock Stainless Steel Leg Irons gs1026

Gear Stock Stainless Steel Leg Irons gs1026

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When handcuffs aren’t enough, reach for Gear Stock Leg Irons! These leg restraints are constructed from carbon steel with heat treated internal lockworks, making them extremely difficult to break open without a key. Equipped with large double-lock cuffs and an extra long chain.

Why choose these leg cuffs?

  • Durable carbon steel construction
  • Reliable double lock mechanism
  • 18-inch chain allows for minimal leg movement while restrained
  • Smooth ratchets make it easy to open cuffs
  • Comes with two universal keys

Why not?

  • Not sized for wrists
  • Carbon steel lacks corrosion resistance

Pro tip:
Most modern hand and leg cuffs manufactured in Canada, the U.S., and the United Kingdom can be opened with the same universal handcuff key. This feature was chosen to allow for easier transport of prisoners.

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