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Handmade Chinese Sword Han Jian(汉剑)Damascus Folded Steel Blade

Handmade Chinese Sword Han Jian(汉剑)Damascus Folded Steel Blade

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Sword specification:

overall Length: 108 cm

Blade Length: 75 cm

Handle Length: 25 cm

Blade Material: Hand Forged Folded Steel

Handle Material: Hard wood

Scabbard: Black Hard wood

Blade Width : 3.5 cm

Tsuba Material: Brass 

Other Accessory: Brass 

Weight(with Saya): 1.75 kg(approximately)

This blade is made of folded steel (also know as pattern steel), the whole process follows Long quan sword technique. The technique can be traced back to the Spring and Autimn Period (770-476 B.C). The Long quan Sword shines bright among China's vast array of swords. It features perfect sharpness, cold glitter, optimal integration of the metal's hardness and softness, and exquisite carving on its blade, scabbard and handle.

(1)  A sword bag comes with the sword. but the wooden stand in below item pictures is NOT included.
(2) Due to our swords are full hand made, so Specs will vary slightly from sword to sword. please understand.
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