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Olight Osight 3 MOA Red Dot with Magnetic Charging Cover

Olight Osight 3 MOA Red Dot with Magnetic Charging Cover

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  • Industry's First Magnetic Charging Cover: Osight introduces a pioneering magnetic charging cover featuring a battery display that reveals the precise battery levels for both the cover and the optic, making uncertainty certain. (70,000+ hours runtime on lowest mode, 17+ days on the brightest mode, extended to 70+ days with the charging cover.)

  • 3 MOA in Large Window: Boasting a 0.94 x 0.85-inch lens, this optic ensures precise targeting even amidst recoil. The 3 MOA dot stands out clearly for quick and accurate dot acquisition.

  • Unwavering Zero: Following a rigorous 10,000-round field test, Osight maintains zero calibration successfully, never lose your accuracy.

  • Motion & Light Sensor: Turns off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, wakes it up in an instant. The auto-sensing mode chooses the best brightness for you, with 10 daylight levels and 2 night levels in manual mode and lockout mode, catering comprehensively to all usage scenarios.

  • Most Common Footprint: By adopting the most common industry-standard mounting footprint (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex)for optic cuts, Osight ensures versatility and ease of integration.

 *Torque specification: 17 in-lbs per screw. (It's recommended to ensure optimal performance by tightening each screw to a torque of 17 in-lbs as per specifications.)


*  If your setup requires the use of an adaptor plate it is very important to follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer of adaptor plate for proper mounting. Specifically, please pay attention to the inch-pound torque specification and the need to apply blue loctite threadlocker to ensure overall reliability of your Osight. Both over-torquing and under-torquing the hardware may cause the Osight to lose zero or total failure of the mount. Please pay attention to these details to ensure proper function of your Osight.

 * Osight MUST be mounted properly by applying blue Loctite threadlocker to the included screws AND torquing each screw to 17 inch pounds. If an adapter plate is required, please follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. 

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