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Schofield No.3 CO2 Airsoft Revolver BRR4035

Schofield No.3 CO2 Airsoft Revolver BRR4035

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Manufacturer: Barra Airguns
Type: Airsoft
Powersource: CO2
Action: Single
Max velocity: 460 FPS
Front sight: Fixed
Rear sight: Fixed
Weight: 2 lbs

The Schofield No. 3 Black CO2 Airsoft Revolver is an exciting airsoft version of a replica of an old-fashioned gun used on both the frontier of the Old West and military campaigns. Based on a renowned US Army cavalry revolver, it is capable of velocities up to 460 FPS and yields hour after hour of fun when plinking in the backyard or shooting at targets. This airsoft gun uses a single CO2 cartridge as a power source and features the same top-break design as the firearm version modified by Major George W. Schofield. It uses metal airsoft BB cartridges loaded in the 6-shot cylinder to shoot airsoft BBs and offers operation very similar to the real steel version of the original model. Designed with excellent attention to detail, the No. 3 has features modeled after the authentic version, including all-metal frame construction for sturdiness and weight. It bears such a resemblance to the genuine revolver that it takes a second look to decide if it’s an airsoft gun or if it’s the actual firearm.


  • Full metal receiver with polymer faux wood grips
  • Shoots at velocities up to 460 fps
  • 12g CO2 powered
  • Authentic single action hammer
  • 6 round cylinder with ejector rod
  • Includes 6 realistic cartridges
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