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US Samurai Katana Japanese Full Tang 1095 Carbon Steel Sword Razor Sharp

US Samurai Katana Japanese Full Tang 1095 Carbon Steel Sword Razor Sharp

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Condition: Brand-New
Blade Material:  1095 High Carbon Steel 
Overall Length: 40.9 Inch /104 Cm
Nagasa Length: 28.0inch/71cm
Handle Length: 10.6 Inch / 27 Cm
Blade Shape: Shinogi Zukuri
Blade Edge: Hand Polished Be Razor Sharp
Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin + Hard Wooden
Blade Width (Near Kissaki): 0.91inch / 2.3cm
Width (Near Habaki): 1.26 Inch / 3.2Cm
tsuba Material: High Quality Japanese Alloy
Saya Material: High Quality Wood Saya
Tsuka Ito: Chu-kissakireal ray skin covering and real navy silk wrap
Mekugi:Nr. 2 in bamboo

Tsuba is made of Alloy material with elegant patterns. Other accessories are also made of Brass material, so there is no need to worry about fading and discoloration.The sheath is made of wood and Repeatedly polished and lacquered, with beautiful and delicate patterns.The handle(Tsuka) is made of wood, covered with real ray skin inside, wrapped with cotton rope. Sageo is a thick cotton rope, which feels better and looks more beautiful

Real katana sword: This katana is a handmade 1095 High Carbon Steel sword for 100%. after more than 10 traditional processes, including annealing, tempering, quenching, and other heat treatment processes, is super sharp and durable. The sheath is made from high-quality wood and oil paint.The blades are hand polished , the blades are very sharp and can be used for real cutting swords.

Samurai sword:The samurai sword is very suitable as a collectible, and it is also very suitable as a gift for like-minded friends. But please note that this is a real Katana sword, so please don't point it at people or animals. It is the perfect choice for you as a gift to relatives and friends or for outdoor activities. 

What you need to do is cleaning it with cloth or Daily use, you also should pay attention to maintenance the product.Try not to touch the water. Once it touches the water, you must clean up the water. Avoid remaining moisture on the blade.Be careful do not place in a place where it is wet and in direct sunlight.

And its handle is fixed by two "bamboo nails", which greatly enhances the stability of the sword.The rope of the handle is made of pure cotton and wrapped manually. It is very tight, sweat-absorbing and skid-resistant, so as not to slip out of your hand. The blade is forged and polished repeatedly using traditional and unique technology. The surface is very smooth.
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